Sunbeams Stay and Play

What happens at Sunbeams ?

Take a seat, strike up a conversation while babies and toddlers play, build and interact with their peers. 

We strive for everyone to feel welcomed

During the session, we gather to listen to a story and song nursery rythmes.

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Stay and Play Group

Tuesday 9.30 to 11.00 am

Wednesday 9.30 to 11.00 am

£2 per family

St Michael's

17 Redstone Farm Rd B28 9NU


Is there car parking available?

Yes! We have a large carpak to the rear of the green gates, there is also car parking on Redstone Farm Rd. Bus stops close by too!

How much do sessions cost?

We kindly ask for a suggested donation of £2 to help cover costs

Can child minders attend ?

Yes they can, £2 for up to 3 children, 50p per additional child

Is there an outdoor play area ?

There is, on suitable days the outdoor play are will be open.

Is there anything else for early years families at St Michael's ?

Yes, on Monday there is Starlights Stay and Play 10.00 am.

Then on Wednesday right after Sunbeams there is Debbie's Little Movers, movement and dance for babies and toddlers 11.00 am £3 a session.  On Friday Morning there is Moo Music in the Wharton Hall

Our Vision

Sunbeams Stay and Play aims to create a fun space for babies and toddlers whilst adults can be part of a local community of mothers, fathers and grandparents.